Killer Fashion (2014)

In late 2014, I to update the layout of my fashion blog, Killer Fashion, once again. I enjoy the current theme Expound, but wanted to clean up the whole feel and highlight the header image more, so I omitted the colourful background for classic black & white and updated the header image to feature Christian Louboutin shoes in black & silver tones with the iconic red sole to help it really stand out. (Adobe Photoshop)

Killer Fashion layout 12.2


Killer Fashion (2014)

In the New Year I decided to update the layout of my fashion blog, Killer Fashion. I updated the theme to Expound, which gave me a lot of creative flexibility, including colour theme, background, header, font etc. I designed a simplistic background using a free Adobe Photoshop brush on a turquoise background, and mirrored the image. The header image still consisted of Christian Louboutin shoes, which matched the turquoise background, giving the header a Spring/Summer feel. (Adobe Photoshop)

I also created a business card design for printing. It is similar to the current Killer Fashion header, though with more contact information, and uses V.9 layout’s header image. I have had the cards printed & delivered, thanks to Vistaprint, and have distributed them at fashion & blogger events, for which I received compliments on its design. (Adobe Illustrator)