Action Students: Students For Charity (2012-2013)

As part of my Final Year, I chose to the a team project module entitled ‘Multimedia In The Community’. The project required a client, which I chose to be the Irish Cancer Society, represented by Elaine Gillespie. I was team leader in this project, and headed graphic design & client relations, as well as assisted the website design and was in charge of adding content to the website. My group’s aim was to emphasise the work and make the student community more aware of the Irish Cancer Society. We held awareness events around campus, took photos of students with awareness posters, recorded footage during the Annual Fashion Show for NUI Maynooth as well as interviewed our client Elaine Gillespie, and created various graphics for online and print media, published a Facebook page and created our own website.

Feel free to visit the website, Action Students, and like the Facebook page!

These are the graphics I created for the project.


Jessica Smith (2013)

Irish singer Jessica Smith is launching her new song, Kiss My Pistol, this Spring. To help launch her career I have worked with her manager and team to create a website, photo and lyric-videos for her new song and helped with social media accounts. The website consists various pages, which I have edited to suit the singer and her team. The photo-montage video has been uploaded to her YouTube page, which has received positive feedback and has over 5,000 views. The lyric-video has yet to be uploaded, therefore I will post it to my website when it has been publicly published. 

Visit Jessica Smith’s website