Revamp: Noughts & Crosses and Knife Edge (2011)

I decided to revamp the posters, because the original posters felt unprofessional at this stage. The posters were more simple and clean. The latter poster features yet another edit of the skin tone, as well as colourization of the eyes. (Adobe Photoshop)


Noughts & Crosses and Knife Edge (2009-2010)

I created this mock up as i was inspired by Malorie Blackman’s book series. The initial feeback to this design was very positive. I used images of the actors, and edited the skin tone of the female character to match the persona of the book’s character. (Adobe Photoshop)

I then created this poster as a follow-up to the previous design. Again i edited the skin tone to match the characters. The feedback to this design was also positive, but not as successful. (Adobe Photoshop)